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The Port of the Future is Connected

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“Sharing” information and “connecting” data between logistic players in the Port of Antwerp helps all parties to increase their efficiency and productivity. Moreover, it is beneficial for the mobility issues in the Antwerp area. 
PSA is one of the companies that already uses the NxtPort platform on a daily basis.
During this session we will learn how PSA and other logistic companies benefit from the NxtPort platform.

About NxtPort
NxtPort is a Data Utility Platform which collects and pools data from various stages in the supply chain. The platform allows better data sharing, hence more transparency, more efficiency, less administration and better interoperability of existing platforms. The NxtPort Platform is accessible for all involved parties of the supply chain. Each of the parties can share or use data, develop new software or use applications available on the NxtPort market place.

About PSA
PSA Antwerp and MPET are the largest container handlers in the port of Antwerp, capable of handling the world's largest vessels with a proven track record of the highest productivity in Europe. Additionally, containers can be stuffed and stripped by specialized personnel at all our terminals. PSA Antwerp and its hinterland partners also offer an extensive network of hinterland connections. As such, containers routed via our terminals can be directly delivered to and from a various number of inland terminals, providing an important contribution to more efficient, more reliable and greener supply chain.

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