18:15 - 21:00, Machelen

New generations entering the work floor

  • Networking
  • Open event
  • Live
  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR

This event is open to everyone, and free for ADM members.

About the session

Join us for an eye-opening keynote session that delves into the changing needs of Generation Z and Alpha. It's time to adapt your strategies to meet their evolving preferences to deliver better customer experiences as well as fostering cross-generational collaboration in your organization. Our session will provide insights and practical examples on effective communication, digital engagement, bridging the generation gap – all essential for thriving in the future marketplace. Don't miss out on this opportunity to avoid being "cancelled" by your Gen Z colleagues. Secure your spot and stay ahead of the curve!

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Stefanie Daems, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing & Competence lead Innovation. She has a spike in innovation & technology and is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Sissi Dierckxsens, Consultant at The House of Marketing, is driven by a passion for innovation and seeking creative solutions to drive effective collaboration.

Eline Khancheh Zar, Innovation Lead & Consulting Manager at The House of Marketing, will moderate the Q&A.

Stefanie Daems
Stefanie Daems
Sissi Diercxksens
Sissi Dierckxsens
Eline Kzar
Eline Khancheh Zar

The House of Marketing

Hermeslaan 9
1831 Machelen

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