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3 October, 2023
18:00 - 21:00 h

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Mentorship program 2023-2024: the kickoff

On invitation only

This is an exclusive event. Only people with a personal invitation can attend.

These are the duos for 2023 - 2024

  • Bernard Hullaert (Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Partena Professional) and Athalie Surkyn
  • Dennis De Cat (Managing Director, Upthrust) and Dennis Heyns
  • Dirk Rombaut (CMO, Passwerk) and Bert Borm
  • Geert Degezelle (EVP, Telenet for Business) and Laure Van Isterdael
  • Jan Ronsse (Managing Director, Oracle Belgium & Luxemburg) and Tine Van Calster
  • Johan Guelluy (CIO, Acerta) and Christophe Cresens
  • Johan Groffen (Director, nGage) and Jonas Sempels
  • Leen Philips (Chapter Owner Lead, Proximus) and Ariane Verreck
  • Liliane Verreyen (Directeur-Generaal Persopoint, BOSA) and Thomas Huysman
  • Marijke Schroos (General Manager Belgium & Luxembourg, Microsoft) and Hanne Desmet
  • Philippe Urbain (Vice President, NTT Europe) and Jana Sarens
  • Pierre-André Rulmont (CEO YPTO, CIO NMBS) and Florence Vaillant
  • Piet Van Petegem (CIO, Nationale Loterij & Chairman ADM) and Gregory Boeckmans
  • Rita Verreydt (CEO, Uptime Group) and Michiel Reynders
  • Stéphane Lahaye (Managing Director, HPE) and Mehdi El Yassini
  • Stijn De Beuckelaer (Managing Director, SAP Belgium & Luxembourg) and Frank Bax
  • Werner De Laet (Wholesale & Innovation Officer, Orange) and Thomas Stappaerts

About the session

The ADM mentorship program offers young professionals the unique chance to connect with renowned mentors. Each individual has built his/her emporium of expertise, talents and wisdom. All mentors are members of our ADM Board.

During 6 months, you build your own unique relationship, have real, open and honest conversations, learn from each other and inspire one another.

  • This program is exclusively reserved for employees of partner organizations.

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