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14 September, 2021
18:30 - 21:00 h

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Connect with... Michel Halet, CEO @ Partena Professional

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How can we distribute leadership and create a sense of responsibility and ownership throughout the organization?  

Partena Professional has redesigned it's business model in order to reach a more holistic approach. With great success, as they received the Corporate HR Award for their organisational transformation.  

Michel Halet, CEO at Partena Professional will elaborate on the transformation process towards their redesigned business model and the importance of translating your strategy. 

Michel Halet 

With his experience in different sectors such as industry, consulting and more, he entered Partena Professional in 2009 as Chief Finance & Strategy Officer. In 2014 he was deputy CEO and since 2019 he became the new CEO. 

There, he took on the challenge to transform the business model of Partena Professional.  

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