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15 September, 2020
16:00 - 17:30 h

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ADM "Share & Connect" e-reception

ADM e-reception

The unknown future

The year 2020 is a remarkable year to say the least. Remarkable, because ‘the unknown future’ is more relevant now than ever before. Remarkable, because ADM hosted its very first e-reception ever.

Our keynote speakers all tackled very different topics, but their messages all say the same:

  • We must use technology or AI for the right reasons. Implementing AI must have meaning and value in businesses.
  • When innovating, don't forget sustainability.
  • All these changes require people that are resilient. Therefore, leaders (on all levels of the organisation) must understand that creating the right context enables employees’ resilience.
  • Put the right people or the right profiles in the right places. Inclusion, diversity and connection make your organization thrive.
  • Sharing & connecting are so important for people & businesses, now even more than before.
  • Stop whining and nagging, it’s up to you to make a change!

After the e-reception we were invited to the e-networking lobby, provided by Thola. Albeit in a virtual way, many of you were pleased to meet your fellow ADM participants again after all these months! 

A big thanks to all our keynote speakers and to B.U.T. for our live streaming, visuals and so much more! We also like to thank Thola for providing their brand new networking platform. If you want to get in contact with Thola, please do so with our best regards (refer to ADM in your message so they know where you came from ;) ).

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Curious about how the e-reception was made? Get a look behind the scenes with the after movie. Or watch the entire e-reception again.

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