Why “Ambassadors”?

It’s all about communication! Between you and us and between us and you, in order to

  • spread the information about our activities to the right people in your company
  • hear about interesting innovative cases and give you a chance to present them as well.

Therefore, we call upon one or more ambassadors within each partner and member company to act as the go-between for both ADM and their own company.

Profile of an "Ambassador"?

  • You attend the ADM events on a regular base.
  • You know your company or department and are willing to share information about ADM and our activities within your own company.
  • You know what's happening within your company and can give input to the ADM team on interesting topics for future ADM events.
  • You enjoy to "share and connect". This is a no-brainer.

What’s in it for you?

  • You are involved in / consulted regarding topics and formats for new events.
  • You have the opportunity to contribute with content in these events.
  • You are part of a unique community of ADM ambassadors from other organizations.
  • You are invited to 2 Ambassador events per year where you can broaden your professional network.
  • You receive 2 free tickets per year to invite a non-member to an ADM event.
  • Are you in?

Just send us an email, and we’ll do the rest!