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  • The registration of your company as an ADM member is only final after reconfirmation by email and payment of the membership fee.
  • This registration form is only meant to enroll your entire organisation as an ADM member. Check our members page to see if your organisation is already part of the ADM network. If your company is already an ADM member, and you wish to enroll on our mailing list, just sign up here.
  • The fee for membership is each time valid for a period of 12 months ("working year"), starting on the invoice payment date.
  • The amount of the fee is based on the type of company of the new member and/or the number of employees.
  • Membership renewal takes place automatically at the beginning of each new "working year". You will be informed about this in writing (e-mail). You can subsequently stop membership by means of a written cancellation not later than 30 days after this message.
  • For more details, we refer you to the Conditions of Sale on this website.