Why Adm

Growth – Visibility – Network

We all want to become future proof. We want to be more visible as a brand and as an employer. You need a strong and sustainable network to help you grow as a business.

Digital Business, Digital People, Inclusion

In order to become future proof, you need your business and your people to develop, to become and stay digitally on top. This, you can’t do alone: you need the minds, the knowledge and experience of different profiles, different departments.

ADM helps you reach these goals

ADM gives you the opportunities to build strong relations, gain more insights, get the inspiration you need and boost the knowledge of your organization. Meet other professionals from different companies, different domains, different backgrounds and with different expertise. Being a part of the ADM community also helps you increase employee engagement and the personal development of your people.

What you get out of ADM

ADM provides different types of activities on a wide range of topics, but always keeping ‘digital business’ and ‘digital people’ as a fundamental base. We want you to become future proof and digital proof as an organization. As part of our ADM community, you will have the chance to:

  • Gather & share knowledge during our info sessions
  • Participate in networking opportunities and meet interesting new relations
  • Be part of a strong, sustainable ecosystem
  • Get inspired by our keynotes
  • Have a voice, and listen to other insights during brainstorming sessions
  • Get practical and convenient take-aways with our Tips & tricks and workshops
  • Let your young potentials grow and gain experience with our y-community initiatives
  • Become more visible within ADM with your ADM ambassadors


To be future proof, you need to involve and engage your young potentials. This is one of the main reasons ADM started a Y-community. How does the ADM Y-community work?


The Y-community within ADM is everyone who is young at heart. Because we have to put an age on it, we decided that all members under the age of 35 are part of our y-community.

Join the Y-ADM community and meet likeminded young professionals. Learn to network or get inspired during our activities inspired by young ADM. You’ll find these events, marked with the Y-ADM label, in our calendar.


As a young ADM member, you are committed to help the Y-ADM community grow. Our Y-ambassadors are our Y-board's sounding board, so we always know what’s going on in the minds of our y-community and what makes them tick.

You are also the first to hear about our new events and activities, so you can spread this information to your colleagues.

Our Y-ambassadors form a unique ecosystem of motivated individuals that welcome you, your drive and your fresh ideas with open arms!

Interested in becoming a Y-ambassador? Just send an e-mail to yboard@adm.be and we’ll make sure to get you a seat!


Devoted to the ADM mission and values, these young potentials aspire to elevate and transform the networking experience of their fellow young potentials within the Y-community.

They are highly involved in the ADM events and their content and can even help organise these events.

Meet the Y-Board

Annelies van der Meulen

Projectmanager data science & business applications @ FOD BOSA

Bert Vanderbeken

Customer Advisor Transport, Travel & Services Sector at Inetum-Realdolmen

Isabelle Puskas

Go-to-Market officer at Telenet Business

Jonas Pollet

Innovation manager at Partena Professional

Joy Buelens

Managing Partner & Customer Succes Manager @ The Campus (Cronos Group)

Marijke Verhaegen

Customer Delivery Manager @ Worldline Global

Wannes Rousseau

Project Manager Marketing at BDO Belgium


Why “Ambassadors”?

It’s all about communication! Between you and us and between us and you, in order to

  • spread the information about our activities to the right people in your company
  • hear about interesting innovative cases and give you a chance to present them as well.

Therefore, we call upon one or more ambassadors within each partner and member company to act as the go-between for both ADM and their own company.

Profile of an "Ambassador"?

  • You attend the ADM events on a regular base.
  • You know your company or department and are willing to share information about ADM and our activities within your own company.
  • ou know what's happening within your company and can give input to the ADM team on interesting topics for future ADM events.
  • You enjoy to "share and connect". This is a no-brainer.

What’s in it for you?

  • You are involved in / consulted regarding topics and formats for new events.
  • You have the opportunity to contribute with content in these events.
  • You are part of a unique community of ADM ambassadors from other organizations.
  • You are invited to 2 Ambassador events per year where you can broaden your professional network.
  • You receive 2 free tickets per year to invite a non-member to an ADM event.
  • You get a handy ADM toolkit so you can easily spread the ADM information within your company.

Are you in?

Just send us an email, and we’ll do the rest!