Meet the Board

Our Board members have helped us to push our boundaries, live our values and evolve into what we are today.

A micro-network in their own right, the ADM Board are equally convinced of our ‘Share & Connect’ philosophy, offering support and advice to ensure ADM members get the most out of their participation.

  • Tim Groenwals

    Head of IT Strategy, EA & CISO, NMBS

  • Martine Tempels

    Honorary member

  • Wim Eraly

    Head of Corporate Banking, KBC

  • Stephane Lahaye

    Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Stef De Mulder

    COO, SAP

  • Marijke Schroos

    Public Sector Lead, Microsoft

  • Peter Van Laer

    CEO, BDO Belgium

  • Patrick Leysen

    CEO, Xylos

  • Johan Guelluy

    CIO, Acerta

  • Piet Van Petegem

    Chief Technology Officer, Nationale Loterij

  • Jan Ronsse

    Managing Director, Oracle Belgium & Luxemburg

  • Jan De Schepper


  • Arnaud Bacros

    General Manager Belux, Dell Technologies

  • Koen Van Gerven

    Honorary member

  • Werner De Laet

    Chief B2B, Wholesale & Innovation Officer, Orange

  • Caroline Van Rompuy

    Vice President & CDIO Agfa-Gevaert group

  • Christian Leysen

    Honorary chairman

  • Ronny Depoortere

    Sr. Vice President, Zetes

  • Birgitta Brys

    Chief Customer Service Officer, Worldline

  • Frank Lambrigts

    CEO, Securitas

  • Eric Van Bael

    Honorary member

  • Johan Cattersel

    Honorary Member

  • Geert Degezelle

    EVP Telenet for Business

  • Liliane Verreyen

    Directeur-Generaal Persopoint, BOSA

  • Johnny Smets

    General Manager, Realdolmen

  • Rita Verreydt

    Advisor & CEO, Uptime Group

  • Dennis De Cat

    Managing Director, Upthrust

  • Bernard Hullaert

    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Partena Professional

  • Philippe Urbain

    Vice President, NTT Europe

  • Michel Verwaerde

    Country Manager, GTT

  • Tom Pluym

    Partner, McKinsey & Company

  • Gert Vanhaecht

    CIO Belfius Insurance

  • Geert Rottier

    Enterprise Sales Director, Proximus