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What’s new

  • What’s new on the new ADM website?
    • The new design ensures an optimal experience on mobile devices.
    • The main navigation is no longer at the top of the page but at the left side, for a cleaner main page and more “real estate” for the page content.
    • An elaborate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answers all your questions and more.
    • ADM members still have a password protected login that offers many advantages:
      • Your own profile allows you to select on which topics you want to receive information, to avoid inbox overload.
      • All documents and presentations, including the ones that are tagged “members only” are accessible at all times.
      • The “My activities” section lists all events that you registered for (and the ones you attended in the past). Note that, for this feature to work, you need to be logged in when registering for event, or use the personalized invitation.
    • The “Activities” section has been redesigned.
      • All information on an event – both before and after it takes place – is now aggregated. So any after-event reports, photographs, videos etc. are no longer in different places, but on the unique activity page.
      • Activities now have a new “Related” tab. Next to the presentations from the evening it offers additional information on the topic of the event, e.g. interesting links, books, whitepapers, etc.
      • You can now pre-register for an event, even before the specific date or venue is known. This allows you to express your interest and ensures that you will get an invitation as soon as the event is open for registration.

About membership

About “My ADM”

  • How do I obtain a login to “My ADM”?

    Access to the ADM member zone (“My ADM”) is automatically granted to employees of member/partner companies that register for an event or that appear on our mailing list.

    Non-members do not have access to the member zone.

  • What added value does a login on the ADM website offer?

    In the aftermath of our events, we post documents of interest, such as presentations or recommended reading. By logging in, you get access to these and other ‘members only’ documents.

    Also, subscribing to events is easier when you’re logged in: simply go to the event page, check your preloaded contact details and confirm your attendance.

  • What if I forget my password?

    Resetting your password is easy. On the login page, click on “password forgotten” and follow the instructions. Within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with a temporary password. Use it to login on the website and change it to a password of your choice.

About ADM events

  • How many of my colleagues can register for an ADM event?

    If your company is a member/partner, anyone within the organisation can freely register for ADM events.  

    • For our online events, the number of people that can participate is virtually unlimited.
    • For our live events, kindly ask you to respect the following guidelines regarding the number of participants per company and per event:

           Partners: 5 participants per session
           Members (>100 employees): 3 participants per session
           Members (50 – 100 employees): 2 participants per session
           Members (<50 employees): 1 participant per session

  • How do I register for an ADM event?

    When you receive your personal invitation by e-mail, you will notice the registration button. It leads straight to the event page of the website where your personal data will be preloaded. Simply confirm and you are all set.

    Alternatively, you can surf to our website and visit the event page, where you will find the “register” button.

  • Can I register for an ADM event, even if I didn’t receive an invitation?

    This depends on the type of event:

    • Open events: anyone can register, subject to the attendance limit. Participation is free of charge for ADM members. The cost for non-members is mentioned on the event page – in this case, the participant will be asked for invoicing information.
      Whoever receives an invitation for these open events is free to pass it on to anyone interested.
    • Members only: all ADM members can register; if you receive an invitation you can pass it on to other ADM members if you prefer.
    • Invitation only: only recipients of a personal code or personal link to their registration form can take part in these closed events. Invitations for this type of event is non-transferable.
  • Do I have to pay to participate in an ADM session?

    Attendance is free if your organisation is a member or partner. In some cases, for events that involve excursions or rental of special equipment, there can be an attendance fee. This will always be mentioned on the detail page of an event.

    If your organisation is not a member of ADM and you would like to participate in an event, you will be asked to pay an entrance fee. This will be mentioned on the event’s detail page.

  • Why do I have to register in advance?

    During the preparatory stage of an event, we need to know how many people the venue needs to host, how many badges to prepare, what catering to order, etcetera. Therefore, we ask you to register well in advance, to make sure the event is conducted in optimal circumstances.

  • What if I can’t make it? How do I cancel?

    Cancelling your registration to our events is easy and can be done in different ways.

    • When logged in on the ADM website, proceed to the event page and click on the “change your presence” button.
    • A few days before the session you receive a confirmation e-mail with the last details of the event. This e-mail will have a cancellation button at the bottom.
    • If you have to cancel your participation last minute, you can do so by sending an e-mail to info@adm.be or a text message to +32 486 58 07 40.
    • If your organisation is not a member of ADM, and you have paid to participate, you can cancel without cost up to three working days before the event. Any closer to the event, the participation fee is still due, without any refund. For more information, please check the conditions of sale.

    If you have to cancel, a colleague can replace you. But please inform us of the switch, so that he/she receives a correct badge for the session. We prefer to receive this information via an e-mail to info@adm.be or text message to +0486 58 07 40.

  • Can I have a colleague replace me if I can’t make it to a session?

    Yes. But please inform us of the switch, so that he/she receives a correct badge for the session. We prefer to receive this information via an e-mail to info@adm.be or text message to +0486 58 07 40.

  • Will catering be provided at all events?

    Do not expect a gala dinner with champagne and caviar, but yes, we do offer food and beverages during every live event. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service for online events!

  • What is the main language used at an event?

    In principle, everybody speaks his or her own language – this applies to both participants and speakers. Many speakers are fluent in both English and Dutch and may choose to present in English. Language information can be found on the event page.

  • Can I receive a list of the participants of an event?

    Our policy is NOT to hand out participants lists, because our network consists of different profiles and we want to remain free of commercial or sales interests.

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