14:45 - 19:30, Elsene

Guided visit at VUB AI Xperience Center

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About the session

Let's discover the transformative power of AI and robotics. What does the (near) future hold, especially with AI emerging everywhere these days? We dove into the possibilities of Robotics and AI and what opportunities and challenges this can bring for our organizations today.

During the keynote of professor Vanderborght we learned about the opportunities and challenges of robots, driven by AI. We can conclude that right now, no robot will be able to replace humans. However, collaborations between robots and humas will become necessary.

During the guided demo tour of the center we acquired new information about the diverse capabilities of specific exoskeleton technologies in facilitating various tasks, the pivotal role of robotics in enhancing healthcare services, as well as the immersive potential of virtual reality for mastering the operation of novel machinery, among other informative insights.

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Prof. Dr. ir. Bram Vanderborght

Bram Vanderborght

Welcome drink


Keynote, followed by guided tour through the AI Xperience Center


Networking reception

VUB AI Xperience Center

Pleinlaan 9
1050 Elsene

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