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5 November, 2019
18:00 - 21:00 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: NL
  • Q&A: NL/FR/ENG


Koning Albert ll-laan 27
1030  Brussel

You can park in the Proximus parking next to the entrance in the Koning Albert II-laan. When asked for, simply explain that you are participating the ADM event Smartcare.


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Discover an innovative way to protect art

Before we dive into big data, our participants got a glance at the Proximus Art Collection. The passionate guides gave us some more insights about art and the artwork in the building. Everywhere you look, there is art, some of the pieces ever so subtle, that you might just miss them.

A picture is never what you see at first sight

Smartcare 60

Art is something truly amazing, but unfortunately the art pieces itself deteriorate through time.

Different factors can cause serious irreversible damage to artwork, such as moulds, cracks or woodworm.

IPARC's goal is to not only restore art, but to conserve art. This is were big data comes into play. Big data is already used for different opportunities. For example, big data is used to analyse visitors' behaviour and profiles within a certain shopping mall or town, in order to improve the visitors' experience.

But how can big data help prevent art deterioration? We know that deterioration appears in specific conditions. High temperature and high humidity causes woodworm to develop. Temperature and humidity are factors we can measure and control. IPARC measures and monitors these and other factor to maintain the best environmental conditions possible for the artwork.

Thanks to this IoT development, artwork will conserve for a longer period of time. 

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Geert Rottier, Director Corporate Market Proximus


Smartcare: an innovative way to protect art
Leen Geysen, Managing Partner IPARC


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