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Past activities 2014

Digital Innovation

Driving Innovation with good ideas: solutions that do the job

Join us for a walk at the front end of innovation!

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ADM Annual Reception 2014

It was encouraging to see that about 400 professionals had gathered in the BULO Workshop in Mechelen for the annual ADM reception.

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Your body reveals what your speech is not telling: body language explained.

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Volunteering at the Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014

25 ADM-ers with a heart volunteered on 14th September at the Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014, the so-called Games of the Heart.

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Being a member of ADM is not an Average Daily Membership, it is a great experience expansion

Mic Adam

CEO Vanguard Leadership


Ronnie Leten: Why continue to invest in Belgium as a global company? A case: Atlas Copco

This is how ADM chairman Jan De Schepper introduced guest speaker Ronnie Leten at the first Foyer.

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Programme Managers kick-off meeting ADM programme 2014-2015

September marks the beginning of a new ADM working year that comes with a few novel things we would like to draw your attention to, and that should help you to (literally and figuratively speaking) find your way to our activities.

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Better selling with "social" selling

'The Times They Are a-Changin' - and so are best practices for sales people.

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Why ICT is the Future for Youngsters

Monday 20 October we had a ladies night at ADM.

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Build your own app

“We need an app” is not the right reason to build a mobile application. That’s why we organised a workshop to show how vital the interaction is between business, IT and even end users when you want to build a great app, that does exactly what the customer wants (and even more...) and that users love to use.

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How to make "NWOW" (Nieuwe Werken) work?

It was not just the average session about the New Way Of Working on 25 November, but then that is the last thing you can expect when you invite the “Dinobusters” to come and talk about it!

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ADM board meeting - with Jannie Haek

The ADM board meeting of December took place in the offices of the National Lottery.

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How are other companies dealing with innovation? (2)

Innovation – that is what Acerta, bpost, Doccle, Veritas and the Flemish Government have in common – and we were allowed to learn from it.

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Veerle Lozie

Meet Veerle Lozie, the new CIO of the Year

When CIO of the Year Veerle Lozie starts her presentation by saying she will NOT talk about IT, but about people, you know you’re in for an interesting presentation. She certainly did not disappoint us during the ADM networking foyer in December.

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