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Ronnie Leten: Why continue to invest in Belgium as a global company? A case: Atlas Copco

This is how ADM chairman Jan De Schepper introduced guest speaker Ronnie Leten at the first Foyer.

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ADM board meeting - with Jannie Haek

The ADM board meeting of December took place in the offices of the National Lottery.

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Veerle Lozie

Meet Veerle Lozie, the new CIO of the Year

When CIO of the Year Veerle Lozie starts her presentation by saying she will NOT talk about IT, but about people, you know you’re in for an interesting presentation. She certainly did not disappoint us during the ADM networking foyer in December.

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On Thursday 17 September we gathered in the legendary KBVB building in Brussels with Jan De Schepper and Paul Van Den Bosch who were there to present the book "Kopmannen".

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How to deal with digital disruption?

On 13 January we kicked off the new year at ADM with the first ADM Foyer. More than 130 participants made the trip down to "De Jachthoorn" to listen to the presentation of Ruben Schaubroeck (Partner at McKinsey).

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ADM gives you the opportunity to meet new people and to expand your network

Peter Timmermans

Innovation Manager, Worldline

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ADM Annual Reception 2016

17 May 2016 will go down as one of the most "Thrilling" nights in ADM history. Tom Palmaerts joined us at Hôtel de la Poste (Tour & Taxis) to tell us more about his book ("Trilling") and share his view on our future(s).

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Welcome to the new ADM

The new ADM is live! 135 of our members & partners  joined us at 't Schoon Verdiep for an exclusive first look at their new ADM.

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Connect with Dominique Leroy

"A company that doesn't grow doesn't have a future" was one of the quotes used by Dominique Leroy to kick off her presentation on how she has lead Proximus into a new future.

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Digital Detox 1

Time for a Digital Detox?

"Communicate about communication" was one of the biggest talking points of the evening. Christine Wittoeck entert(r)ained our members during our last session of 2016 and opened their eyes by showing how a Digital Detox can change everyone's life for the better!

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On the couch with the CIO & ICT woman of the year

Herman De Prins (CIO of the year) & Annemie Depuydt (ICT woman of the year) took the time for a short talk with Kristof Van der Stadt (Editor in chief, Data News). We gave them a seat on our couch and asked them what it means to be a CIO in two completely different organisations.

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Connect with Start-Ups @StartupVillage

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with young & promising Start-Ups & share experiences that will help your own business grow!

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ADM reception 2017

Change starts with you! The global speaker and author of 4 books, Cyriel Kortleven, literally explained where to find the bananas in your working environment and how to use innovation and creativity to get rid of them.  Moreover, he invites you to apply the Yes And Act manifesto! The AED-studios perfectly fitted the tall and small ladders Cyriel climbed when awakening the creativity potential in people.

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Connect with the Manager of the Year, Bart De Smet

September has arrived and with it the start of our 20th ADM year. We kicked off the new year with a bang; Data News' manager of the year, Bart De Smet joined us to share his values and keys to success.

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Be part of the 'young ADM'!

"A warm, welcoming and familiar environment!"  & "ADM is a perfect place to network for a young professional!" were only a few of the positive remarks given by our young participants on 5 October. We gave them the chance to meet a few of the ADM board members and discover the true meaning of our tagline "Share & Connect". 

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Connect with Start-Ups & Ronnie Leten @CORDA campus

CORDA houses over 200 great scale-ups & starters on their campus in Hasselt. Our partners & members were invited to meet a few of them together with Ronnie Leten (ex-Atlas Copco) and they were not left wanting!

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Connected Conservation: Saving the rhino!

Did you know that every 8 hours a rhino is killed! Dimension Data has stepped in to help by launching the Connected Conservation project in a private reserve. Over the span of two years they have reduced the number of killed rhino's to 0 within the reserve! Ruth Rowan ( Global CMO & Group Executive - Marketing at Dimension Data) joined us at Afspanning De Jachthoorn to share their incredible story! 

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ADM Reception 2018

What a rollercoaster the past twenty years have been. This year’s annual ADM reception, organized around our twentieth anniversary and hosted by VRT’s ravishing presenter Ihsane Chioua Lekhli, was an opportunity for our network to look back and forward. 

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