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Digital Innovation

Driving Innovation with good ideas: solutions that do the job

Join us for a walk at the front end of innovation!

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Build your own app

“We need an app” is not the right reason to build a mobile application. That’s why we organised a workshop to show how vital the interaction is between business, IT and even end users when you want to build a great app, that does exactly what the customer wants (and even more...) and that users love to use.

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How to make "NWOW" (Nieuwe Werken) work?

It was not just the average session about the New Way Of Working on 25 November, but then that is the last thing you can expect when you invite the “Dinobusters” to come and talk about it!

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How are other companies dealing with innovation? (2)

Innovation – that is what Acerta, bpost, Doccle, Veritas and the Flemish Government have in common – and we were allowed to learn from it.

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When 3D meets business

“Impressive” and “Wow” were undoubtedly the words we heard most during our visit to Materialise on 26 February 2015.

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Growth Hacking

When looking up “growth hacking”, chances are that the name of Omar Mohout pops up. After the joint session by ADM, Netwerk Ondernemen and Telenet Idealabs on 2 March we definitely know why.

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ADM Annual Reception 2015

The annual ADM reception of 2015 proved once again that our connections make the difference. Both in work and life.

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Service design thinking: designing the customer experience

“Service Design Thinking is more about DOING & MAKING than thinking and meeting” was one of the quotes Jürgen Tanghe (Crossroad Consulting) and Tine Peeters (Studio Dott.) used to kick off the workshop about Service Design Thinking.

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Better Decision Taking

We gathered in the colourful lounge of the Vlerick Management school in Brussels, where professor emeritus Marc Buelens was going to tell us more about his book ‘Bye Bye Management’.

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Benchmarking own projects with colleagues and learning from their experiences

Luc De Bolle

Business Manager ICT, Randstad

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Service design thinking: designing the customer experience (2)

At the beginning of our new year we start off with the second workshop on Service Design Thinking. Jürgen Tanghe (Crossroad Consulting) and Tine Peeters (Studio Dott.) kicked off the session by saying "think with your hands!" and that's exactly what the participants did!

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Innovating the printing industry

On 22 October Agfa Graphics opened its doors to our ADM members who were given an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Agfa is still innovating the printing industry. And we were certainly not disappointed!

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Spreading the innovation mindset

On Thursday 15 December Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) opened its doors to the legendary Marconi Studio for our final event of 2015. During this session on innovation, speakers from VRT, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis and Sumi joined us to tell us more on how they try to implement innovation in their company nowadays.

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How to deal with digital disruption?

On 13 January we kicked off the new year at ADM with the first ADM Foyer. More than 130 participants made the trip down to "De Jachthoorn" to listen to the presentation of Ruben Schaubroeck (Partner at McKinsey).

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Building a better business using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method

Unlocking creativeness while having fun at the same time! Our members gathered at the idyllic San Marco Village to experience the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® first hand.

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ADM Annual Reception 2016

17 May 2016 will go down as one of the most "Thrilling" nights in ADM history. Tom Palmaerts joined us at Hôtel de la Poste (Tour & Taxis) to tell us more about his book ("Trilling") and share his view on our future(s).

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Transforming & Innovating Healthcare

From photochemical company to digital imaging and e-health business. Our members were treated to an exclusive behind the scenes look to discover how Agfa HealthCare has gone through an impressive digital transformation and is conquering the world!

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Discover new realities

Our members were invited to experience Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality first-hand and imagine what it could mean for their business.

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Connect with Start-Ups @StartupVillage

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with young & promising Start-Ups & share experiences that will help your own business grow!

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Light beyond illumination

Philips Lighting Belgium is currently working very hard on a big Digital Transformation. Our members & partners joined together at the headquarters in Brussels to listen to Gert Roeckx (Country Manager, Philips Lighting). In his story - and during an exclusive tour of the Philips Lighting offices - he shared how Philips Lighting has reinvented itself to remain a pioneer in the lighting business

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Drones create value for your business

ADM joined forces with Agoria for an exclusive half day CxO experience at DronePort (Sint-Truiden). 

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Connect with Start-Ups & Ronnie Leten @CORDA campus

CORDA houses over 200 great scale-ups & starters on their campus in Hasselt. Our partners & members were invited to meet a few of them together with Ronnie Leten (ex-Atlas Copco) and they were not left wanting!

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How Social Technologies can help you create a New Culture

Are Social Technologies and a new business culture a match made in heaven? Our members & partners joined us in De Jachthoorn to get all the answers from Isabel De Clercq, author of "Social Technologies in business"

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Inspiring Innovation @ Telenet Innovation Center

‘Collaboration is the key to innovation’. That’s what Ineke Rampart (Director Corporate Affairs) and Rajiv Seesurn (Director Telenet Innovation Center) told us during their presentations at the Telenet Innovation Center. 

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