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Speed dating reveals soft skills of project managers

12/10 During the interactive session on the soft skills of project managers, Kim Oostvogels (Möbius) and Frank Geelen (U-vision) demonstrated what ADM stands for: “networking with good content.”

When it comes to soft skills, you’re talking about interactions between people. So no dry theoretical presentations on the different skills that you as a project manager (and in general!) use to achieve better collaboration. Instead, participants were encouraged to exchange their own experiences using a speed dating technique. Everyone exchanged tips with everyone else during the entire process, establishing new contacts at the same time.

You can find the essence of these tips from real-life experience below.

The pictures provide evidence of good networking afterwards, also with people who the participants didn’t know beforehand and perhaps would not have spoken to without the speed dating.

Mission accomplished!

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Soft skills of a project manager - management summary.
Summary of the session and speeddating of the session led by Kim Oostvogels (Möbius) and Frenk Geelen (U-vision) on 12 October 2012.
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