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Hercules Trophy Time! Sign up a team and earn a bottle of cava for the evening party!

19 March: so high time to register for the Hercules ICT Trophy (and maybe start working out to get fit?).

Those who have taken part in the Hercules Trophy before know that this is a day of ultimate team building, networking and – more than anything – great fun. What’s more, ADM member companies that sign up a team for the Hercules ICT Trophy, to be held on 23 June, will receive a bottle of cava from the Hercules Trophy organisation during the dinner/evening party!

What do you need to do?

  1. When you register your team state that your company is a member of ADM (either in the mail or in the “remarks” field on the online registration form).
  2. As soon as you have registered, send a mail to giving the name of your team(s) – we will feature you in our ADM flash to give you extra publicity.

This offer only applies to companies that are members of ADM and have stated this clearly to the Hercules Trophy organisation. Those who have already registered can still send a mail to and we will take care of the rest.

Want to know more about the Hercules Trophy?

Then quickly open the document below with all information or surf to the Hercules website.

Of course, it goes without saying that this year too there will be an ADM team giving it their best shot to make this a fantastic  day. So see you on 23 June?

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