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“Business value of mobile apps” is a statement, not a question.

Our world, our business is mobile. No one doubts that. So companies are being increasingly forced to make their applications mobile for their employees and their customers. But “we need an app” is not a mobile strategy. The key to success lies in how you analyse what your product does, what your target audience needs or wants, and how you position your app in the market.

The first presentation during the info session on 25 April was an example of a well thought-out marketing strategy. By using specific apps on their iPads, sales representatives at a recent fair succeed in generating 29% more qualified leads. The development and roll-out of this app represented just 1.5% of the total budget for the fair. “Mobile in healthcare is here to stay”, concluded Marc De Fré (Marcom Director Agfa HealthCare).

At Inventive Designers too, they soon realised that a mobile version of Scriptura (a platform for exchanging documents and other forms of communication) would help their customers to work faster and more efficiently. Klaas Bals (CTO Inventive Designers) also sees no way back.

Glenn Billiau and Vincent Van Grootel represented the “nextGen” contribution. These two final year students of Lessius Hogeschool presented (brilliantly by the way) their thesis “Desktogetter”, a mobile application for finding a free workstation at any time, so ideal for flexi-workers. Are they going to commercialise this application? This depends on a number of factors, but for them creating anything “mobile” is something obvious.

Conclusion of this session: “business value of mobile apps” is a statement, not a question.

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