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Bruno Rouffaer jolts the conscience of the ADM audience

"Leadership 2020 - the Naked Thruth" was the title of Bruno's presentation at the ADM foyer on September 17th, the kick-off of the new ADM working year.

With the aid of images, movie clips and graphs he made the audience aware of the fact that the ever changing world in which we live also requires a different approach.  In this approach, respect and understanding of others is central, rather than opposition and balance of power. Rouffaer owned the stage and made the room go silent every now and then. Rightly so.

Below you will find:

  •          A short video report of the evening with the synopsis of Bruno's Story;
  •          Information about a traning session "Bruno In Africa" (leaflet + more info)
  •          Summary slides of the presentation (only for ADM members after logging in on the ADM extranet)


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