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Workshop “Building A Mobile App” Literally Brought Business And IT Together

Twenty teams, each consisting of a technical and a business professional and most of the couples from the same company, literally sat side-by-side to conceive an app that does what the business needs, that is easy to use by the target audience and that is technically sound. This is something you can only achieve after a thorough and constructive discussion business and IT. We hope that a number of the apps dreamt up during our workshop will see the light of day in a while.

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NEW :  Change management track

During discussions in the various tracks it emerged that it is rarely the new technology or application itself that stands in the way of its success, but the way in which it is introduced to people. So good change management can make a big difference.

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NEW : nextGen mailing list

To help identify the nextGen-ers for certain activities in this track, a separate mailing list will be created exclusively for motivated young people (up to age 35).

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Driving innovation

“Good ideas are valuable, but even more necessary are good teams to put them into practice" explained Peter Dedrij, Director Microsoft Innovation Center Vlaanderen during our visit to the MIC

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Mobile is the future

“Mobile is the future”: everybody realizes that. The answer to the question how to make a mobile application successful is less simple however. That became very clear during the well-attended session on “Designing mobile apps” on 5 June.

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Launch event SO2014

Together with some 200 other fans, a delegation of ADM members showed heart again and attended the official launch of the Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014 (SO2014).

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