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Mobile is the future

“Mobile is the future”: everybody realizes that. The answer to the question how to make a mobile application successful is less simple however. That became very clear during the well-attended session on “Designing mobile apps” on 5 June.

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Launch event SO2014

Together with some 200 other fans, a delegation of ADM members showed heart again and attended the official launch of the Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014 (SO2014).

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Social media managers: who’s who?

According to the slides of Mic Adam's, there are some 75 titles being used to describe positions within the social media sector. During the panel discussion we limited ourselves to three in order find out who does what and where the similarities and differences lie: Chief Social Media Officer at Van Marcke Philippe Borremans, Corporate Community Manager at Danone Lieve Walravens and Online Conversation Manager at Telenet Steven Degelaen.

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“Business value of mobile apps” is a statement, not a question.

Our world, our business is mobile. No one doubts that. So companies are being increasingly forced to make their applications mobile for their employees and their customers. But “we need an app” is not a mobile strategy. The key to success lies in how you analyse what your product does, what your target audience needs or wants, and how you position your app in the market.

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ADM Community Shows Heart During Its Annual Reception

Just under 400 people at ADM's annual reception noticed that this time something was different: no speeches about IT matters or the economical situation. This time people got the centre stage, and very special people at that.

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